About PastPerfect Online

For online visitors

PastPerfect Online brings millions of artifacts from museums, libraries, archives, and other organizations to you from around the world. You can search through hundreds of collections at once using Artifact Search.

For more information on a specific record, contact the organizationa via their main website from the Home button or the information listed in the footer of their PastPerfect Online site. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Many organizations with PastPerfect Online are working to add more records to their online collection. If you don't find an online record, consider contacting the organization to see if they have additional records on the particular subject, object, or person you're interested in.

For organizations

PastPerfect Online is the fast, affordable, secure and easy way to create a fully searchable online catalog from your PastPerfect collections data. Not only does PastPerfect Online enable you to share your organization’s collections with the world, it allows visitors to send feedback, links to friends, and image copy requests through automated Web-based emails.

PastPerfect Online is both a tool to create searchable HTML Web pages and an online hosting service. You select the PastPerfect catalog records, images and data fields you want to publish, and PastPerfect Online will build a fully searchable, collections-based website.

For a modest annual fee, we provide hosting and product support. You can create a link from your organization’s website to your PastPerfect Online site and use its design tools to create a seamless transition. If you don't have a website, PastPerfect Online includes a free splash page for important information about your museum. Contact us at sales@museumsoftware.com or visit https://museumsoftware.com/pponline.html for more information.

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